Graphene application R&D projects – in cooperation with Universities, Institutes and Commercial Companies

Official projects (government subsidized):

Graphene for Integrated Circuit Applications; being implemented by the consortium: Innovations for high Performance Microelectronics (IHP), AIXTRON, ITME and Nano Carbon. The objective of the project is to develop Si-technology compatible, transfer-free, Ni-mediated graphene synthesis method.


Protective and heating graphene layers for optical elements, being implemented in cooperation with ITME and Industrial Optics Center PLC. The project aims to produce new products for the optics using graphene coatings, particularly the window made from glass with graphene heater on the surface and convex lenses with graphene protective coating.


Advanced graphene-elastomer composite sealings, being implemented by the consortium: ITME, National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) and Nano Carbon. The objective of the project is to develop advanced sealings made of graphene-elastomer composites with a modified surface layer in order to obtain a low-friction surface. Their anticipated superior properties (friction, wear, ageing resistance) will make the sealings a unique product for the most demanding applications in military, airspace and high-tech industry.


QCL Properties modification using Focused Ion Beam Etching Technology. Consortium: ITE (leader), Wrocław University of Technology, Łódź University of Technology, Nano Carbon. Development of new technology of producing single frequency quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) with high beam quality.


New generation of light sources for light, mobile equipment for water purification