Graphene on Cu

High-quality graphene deposited on copper foil by CVD

Graphene on SiC

Graphene deposited on SiC substrate with CVD based on patented technology

Transferred graphene

Graphene in a form of uniform monoatomic carbon layer created on copper foils by CVD

Graphene Oxide

Few layer GO or rGO in a form of suspension/paste or dry powder


Semi-automated system for high speed electrochemical delamination for transferring graphene

Research Services

Standard quality certificate of Raman spectroscopy at single point

Nano Carbon Sp. z o.o (Nano Carbon LLC)

The company is engaged in manufacturing and testing properties of graphene and it’s derivatives.

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Works We are In Love With / Portfolio includes:

  • Graphene produced by epitaxial methods on metal and non-metal, which is then transferred to the target substrate (Cu, PET, quartz, Ge, Si, SiO2 etc)
  • Chemical graphene, obtained by splitting graphite and offered in the form of dry nanopowder, paste or slurry (GO, rGO)
  • Epitaxial structures created based on silicon carbide with different levels of doping (SiC 4H or 6H, n-type or p-type, Si-face or C-face, monolayer, bilayer or trilayer)

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Graphene Properties And Their Significance For Applications

High durability for high current densities

Cable materials

High active surface per weight unit

(limit 2630 m2/g):
– Energy storage (supercapacitors, new generation cells)
– Fuel cells

High thermal conductivity combined with anisotropic properties

(ca. 300 W/(m x K) along the surface, ca.2 W/(m x K) in perpendicular direction):
– Heat/energy storage
– Heat flow management – cooling

High sensitivity to chemical compounds

(chemical “control” of physical properties):
– Biosensors, chemical sensors
– Hydrogen storage

High transmittance (>97%) for visible light with flat characteristics

Transparent electrodes, photovoltaics, materials for laser production

Hydrophobicity and impermeability

(if without defects):
– Composites working in high-humidity environment
– Coatings and paints
– Food wraps
– Layered composites


– Flexible electronics
– RFID tags

Bactericidal properties

– Materials for sterile room construction
– Dressing materials

High electron mobility at room temperature levels

(ca. 130 times higher than for silicon, ca. 25 times higher than for GaAs) and high electrical conductivity:
– High-frequency transistors, spintronic, semiconductor memory, MEMS, high-frequency electronics
– ESD, EMI and RFI coatings
– VHF antennas

> 97 %
high transmittance for visible light with flat characteristics
~ 300 W/(m x K)
high thermal conductivity combined with anisotropic properties
~ 130
times higher electron mobility at room temperature than silicon
~ 25
times higher electron mobility at room temperature than GaAs

Nano Carbon Sp. z o.o. (Nano Carbon LLC)

Graphene producer and application developer, with registered office in Warsaw at Wólczyńska St 133, is a Polish company …get more information about our company.

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