Nano Carbon Sp. z o.o.

(Nano Carbon LLC)

About Us

Nano Carbon Sp. z o.o (Nano Carbon LLC) graphene producer and application developer, with registered office in Warsaw at Wólczyńska St 133, is a Polish company established in 2011 to commercialize industrial method of graphene production, developed by scientists from the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology.

The company belongs to the Polish Armament Group, KGHM III FIZAN and is an Associated Partner in the EU Graphene Flagship, the largest research program in the history of the European Union’s.

The company is engaged in manufacturing and testing properties of graphene.

Portfolio includes:

–  Graphene produced by epitaxial methods on metal and non-metal, which is then transferred to the target substrate (Cu, PET, quartz, Ge, Si, SiO2 etc)

–  Chemical graphene, obtained by splitting graphite and offered in the form of dry nanopowder, paste or slurry (GO, rGO)

–  Epitaxial structures created based on silicon carbide with different levels of doping (SiC 4H or 6H, n-type or p-type, Si-face or C-face, monolayer, bilayer or trilayer)


Previews of Nano Carbon graphene laboratories at ITME

Nano Carbon’s research and production facility at Institute of Electronic Materials Technology includes reactors from leading manufacturers like Aixtron and CVD Equipment / First Nano.

Our main research partner

Institute of Electronic Materials Technology ( ITME )

Founded in the early seventies of the twentieth century Institute of Electronic Materials Technology ITME (staff about 290 employees, including 175 researchers), is a research, development and consultancy institution offering a unique combination of scientific and technological capabilities. ITME has the high rank in the Research Assessment of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (category A); according to Scopus (Elsevier) ranks: first place among polish research institutes, third place in category of “technological impact” and fifth place in category of innovative knowledge, among all polish scientific organizations.

The R&D activities of ITME include processing of advanced materials (e.g. graphene, semiconductor materials, mono-crystals, thick-film materials, glass and ceramic products, substrate for electronic systems, metal-ceramic composites: MMC’s and FGM’s, materials for opto- piezo- and superconductor-electronics, etc.) and devices based on these materials. Recently ITME has started to produce high quality large graphene sheets in sizes up to 500 x 500 mm and graphene flakes (RGO).

In the last three years the ITME team has been involved in a number of scientific and R&D projects (72 projects: 28 NCBiR including GrafTech Programme 10, 22 NCN, 7 EU and USA) in the field of materials engineering, electronic, physic and chemistry.

ITME has granted about 200 patents in this pan-European and global, the number of publications in the last three years is 476, including the publications of IF 329.

Our owners

Polish Armament Group

(PGZ S.A.)

seated in Radom constitutes a leading armament concern. PGZ invests in innovative solutions and systems for armies of all type.

Having solid basis of its long experience and competences it forms one of the biggest defence concerns in this part of the world with ambitions to become a leading producer of technologically advanced equipment for modern armies.

It builds power of the national economy and science that is able to implement innovative solutions in the defence field. Moreover, as the main business partner in the modernization process of the Polish army, it constitutes an important element of the national security system.

It concerntrates more than 60 enterprises to offer its clients reliable products and services. It develops its resources to react quickly for changes in the world and to meet various requirements of its Polish and foreign clients.

KGHM Investment Fund Company (KGHM TFI S.A.)

was registered in June 2009.  Its mission is to have as large amount of assets as possible to manage and to multiply their value, while complying with the policy of corporate social responsibility and supporting regional development.

The target of the operations of KGHM TFI S.A. is constant and effective delivery of satisfactory performance of managed funds, in accordance with their investment policy.

The Closed-End Non-Public Asset Investment Fund (KGHM III FIZAN) is a corporate venture capital fund in the field of new technologies, dedicated to the implementation of capital investments in industrial technology designs.

Its areas of interest include, among others, innovative industrial technologies, rare earth elements and materials of the future, potentially applied in industry and power engineering.