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Institute of Electronic Materials Technology

Institute of Electronic Materials Technology

strategic scientific partner of the Company. Future Markets Inc. consultancy lists the Institute among 13 most important graphene research centres, together with famous institutions like Stanford University, Cornell University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Industrial Development Agency and KGHM III FIZAN

Our offer

Market studies

Market studies offered by Nanocarbon Sp. z o.o. are based on expertise of its employees combined with state-of-the-art tools, including product maps developed jointly with ARP S.A. and the Centre for Industrial Applications of Mathematics and Systems Engineering which is a part of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Technology commercialisation advisory

We offer identification of technology trends at their creation stage and presenting future industry's expectations:

with regard to technology: by predicting which technologies and related product groups have a relatively chance to succeed on the market,

with regard to intellectual and social capital: by building competitive edge based on staff with unique competences as required by innovative future industry.

Technology broker – project financial development

Within such service we offer a review of current state of technology, identification of potential competing technologies on the market, and development of commercialisation and intellectual property models based on long-standing experience of ARP S.A. Such service would include a market analysis and evaluation of possibilities for innovative technical solutions implementation, as well as financial development of a project.





"Perfect" graphene

In physiochemical terms graphene is a two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms with a thickness of single atom and hexagonal "honeycomb" atom layout. It is often presented as a uniform large-dimension grid. In reality such a perfect structure does not exist, it may only be created in form of small adjacent and overlapping flakes.

Real graphene

The graphene is so unique because it combines a set of properties unseen in any previously known material. These are: mechanical strength, elasticity, thermal properties (high conductivity), transparency for the whole spectrum of electromagnetic waves, impermeability for practically all substances, biological properties, sensory capabilities, electronic properties (mainly very high electron mobility), high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Graphene properties and their significance for applications

High electron mobility at room temperature levels (≈ 130 × higher than for silicon, ≈ 25 × higher than for GaAs) and high electrical conductivity:

  • High-frequency transistors, spintronics, semiconductor memory, Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), high-frequency electronics
  • ESD, EMI and RFI coatings
  • VHF antennas

Hight mechanical strength (Young modulus ≈ 100 GPa):

  • Composite materials
  • Very high rigidity enables pressure sensor applications

High durability for high current densities:

  • Cable materials


  • Flexible electronics
  • RFID tags

High active surface per weight unit (limit 2630 m2/g):

  • Energy storage (supercapacitors, new generation cells)
  • Fuel cells

High transmittance (98%) for electromagnetic radiation with flat characteristics:

  • Transparent electrodes, photovoltaics, materials for laser production

High sensitivity to chemical compounds (chemical "control" of physical properties):

  • Biosensors, chemical sensors
  • Hydrogen storage


High thermal conductivity combined with anisotropic properties (≈ 300 W/(m×K) along the surface, ≈ 2 W/(m×K) in perpendicular direction):

  • Heat/energy storage
  • Heat flow management – cooling

Impermeability (if without defects):

  • Coatings and paints
  • Food wraps
  • Layered composites


  • Composites working in high-humidity environment

Bactericidal properties:

  • Materials for sterile room construction
  • Dressing materils


Nanocarbon Sp. z o.o.

Nanocarbon Sp. z o.o. was founded on 4 November 2011 by Industrial Development Agency. It is an innovative company focused on graphene-related technologies. It aims to establish a portfolio of graphene-related technologies to be sold in form of final products, licences or commodities. Nanocarbon has two shareholders. On 18 April 2013 KGHM III TFI purchased 49% of shares from ARP S.A.

This acquisition decision marked a start of an investment process with a total planned value of PLN 14 million, scheduled to be completed within one year.

Financial assets will be spent on R&D and implementation of products utilising unique properties of graphene .

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